Malherbe white

Elegant, complex nose with aromas of quince, apricot, fresh verbenawith a lemon finish…


Malherbe Grand Blanc

A complex nose in the form of an aromatic ribbon with flavours of quince, honey, candied orange, ripe pineapple.


Pointe du Diable red

Nose with notes of spices, aromas of ripe red fruits, pine resin, grilled green pepper and eucalyptus notes


Château Malherbe boutique – Direct sale of AOC Côtes de Provence wines

Organic A.O.C Côtes de Provence, red, white and rosé Pointe du Diable and Malherbe cuvées.

When you order, an assortment of colours and wines are now possible.
Order has to be made in stages of 6 bottles (75 cL) or 4 bottles (magnums)

Pointe du Diable wines

Fruity, intensely fresh…

Malherbe wines

Harmonious, mature…

Exceptional wines

The result of meticulous attention to detail…

Discovery & Terroir Packs

An introduction to our different wines at preferential rates