La Rastègue, à Bormes-Les-Mimosas

La Rastègue restaurant lies between the village of Bormes les Mimosas and the sea and is run by Jérôme and Patricia Masson. It provides honest cuisine, focussing on quality, the love of food through the seasons. Close to Château Malherbe, La Rastègue does us the honour of offering our wines on its menu. We have had the pleasure of working with Jérôme and Patricia Masson for many years.

Jérôme Masson - La Rastègue

La Rastègue always strives to provide the best without making any concession to quality. The emphasis is on plain cuisine, simple and without unnecessary decoration. Jérôme and Patricia Masson produce seasonal food that is just right, perfectly cooked, with the right wine, in an attractive, welcoming setting.

In Jérôme’s words: “That special moment which our customers hope to experience comes not just from the cuisine but from a subtle combination of a whole range of details.”

Reservations at La Rastègue:

48, boulevard du Levant
Le Pin de Bormes – 83230 Bormes-les-Mimosas
Réservations : 04 94 15 19 41

Our recommended dishes

  • Roast pigeon breast with confit legs, vegetables in season and chestnut gnocchi
  • Scallop kebab, cream of mushroom sauce
  • Red fruit, gooseberry jelly and chiboust gratin
  • Roast green asparagus, poached egg and herb velouté served separately
  • and always the magnificent John Dory cooked on its skin and red mullet à la plancha