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A Unique Estate

For centuries la Malherbe was the farm of the Fort de Brégançon, planted in polyculture (vineyard and a large variety of vegetables, fruits, cereals). Our orchard and vegetable garden are a reminder of this noble past, as is the well of Roman origin, which attests to the fact that agriculture has been practiced on these lands for over 2000 years.

When there are heavy storms, the bay of Hyères changes color and turns from shades of blue to red: the clays and alluvial deposits pour down through streams into the sea.

Bearing this in mind, the Ferrari family has never used herbicides or synthetic phytosanitary products.  

Château Malherbe has therefore been organic in practice since 1940 ... and in biodynamic agriculture today (Demeter certification since 2021).

Château Malherbe: two exceptional terroirs that are very different from each other.

The Pointe du Diable terroir is located on the sea front and is composed of multiple parcels under strong maritime influence. This terroir is composed of ancient alluvial deposits with fragments of quartz and gives birth to wines with a touch of iodine and a very good balance between fruit and acidity, giving them a nice Fresh. 

The Malherbe terroir is located beneath the Cap Bénat on a brown clay-schist soil. The climate and the nature of this soil allow the harvesting of concentrated berries that give full and complex wines: a perfect match with gastronomic dishes. The unique characteristics of the Malherbe terroir, and more particularly the presence of schist, brings minerality and a very nice aromatic balance.


The Vathouse

The must-see place for the vinification of our wines.

 We work mainly with small containers allowing us to respect the unique character of each grape variety and parcel and to preserve all the nuances of our terroirs.

« The vines of the Pointe du Diable terroir benefit from the hydrological benefits of night dews, due to the proximity of the shore. The vines of the Malherbe terroir leaning against the Cap Bénat, benefit from abundant water in the subsoil coming from the Massif des Maures, a real "water tower »


Each barrel and cask has been chosen and shaped to reveal all the richness and aromatic complexity of our wines in order to ensure optimal maturation.


All the members of the Château Malherbe team are professionals recognized for their experience and know-how. Each and every one is not only competent in their field but but also a real craftsman in the life and progress of the vineyard.

2019-2021: the turn to biodynamics with the help of Jannick Utard. From left to right: Sébastien Ferrari, Philippe Pacalet our vineyard and wine mentor, Jannick Utard.

2022 : Jean Laburthe joins the Malherbe team as the new Head of Operations


Work in the vineyard and welcoming at the cellar

Jean Christophe

Crop Manager


Vineyard and wine work


Cellar Manager


Welcoming at the cellar


Head of admin


Welcoming at the cellar and customer relations


Hospitality Manager and direct sales


Friends Club and communication, 5th Generation


Sales Manager in the VAR department


Assistant Manager

Sébastien Ferrari

Manager. 4th Generation