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After a quasi-organic management since 1940, then certified organic in 2014, Château Malherbe obtains the Biodynamic Demeter certification in 2021. This demanding approach, inspired by the principles of homeopathy, is an obvious choice for the Ferrari family. And it has allowed, among other things, to obtain more lively soils despite the hydric stress and the strong sunshine of the region.

The inter-rows of the vines are planted among rye and organic flowers, which are mulched in the summer, to reduce the rise in soil temperatures and to organize healthy root competition so as to naturally limit production yields (about 40 hectoliters per hectare).

Compost of horn dung to reinforce the root vigor, projection of silica to develop photosynthesis, the sprinkling of numerous herbal infusions (horsetail against crypto diseases or yarrow to refresh for example) are the bases of the biodynamic agriculture .These actions used on a case by case basis according to the weekly observation of each plot reinforce the natural self-defense of the vine against fungi, insects and solar stress.

Thus, not only is the environment better protected with a minimum of inputs , but the wines also remain fresh.