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Our Wines

The harvest is done by hand, grapes are selected on the vine through several passages for the oldest parcels.

Each parcel of the vineyard is harvested and vinified independently; they are then assembled for the maturation according to the vintages.

The use of SO2 (Sulfites) is minimal, either just before bottling or in very limited quantities during the winemaking process.


"Wines of Gastronomy and amateurs. They are elaborated from a selection of plots of our Malherbe terroir with a low-intervention vinification and long maturation"

The Grands Vins are made from plots that are over 50 years old, or located on the highest plots composed of pure schist soil, on the Malherbe terroir.

There, Grenache, Mourvèdre, Cinsault for the rosés, Rolle and Sémillon for the whites, develop wonderfully with their roots plunging deeply into the well irrigated soils thanks to the "water tower" effect of Cap Bénat. Vinified entirely in used Burgundian pieces the great wines are full-bodied and complex, with great finesse, a testimony to the Malherbe terroir.

The refined red that Mme Ferrari dreamt of, made from the best parcels of old vines in the Malherbe terroir.
The White of Gastronomy, from the best plots of old vines


The Malherbe terroir is a true monopoly and the signature of the estate. The viticulture and vinification using a know-how both Modern and ancestral
and respects a terroir Which has been cultivated for over 100 years.

Château Malherbe's Signature Rosé, rich and fresh

Our White, the signature of Château Malherbe, a fresh and opulent terroir wine.

Château Malherbe's red wine, with its Burgundian elegance.


"Ancient Cattle fields mof sandy soils with a strong maritime influence which develop true wines of pleasure.

The Pointe du Diable is located on the seafront, on a sandy soil which contains quartz fragments, which gives the wines a touch of iodine and a very nice balance of fruit and acidity. It is the expression of light and fresh wines.

The Rosé Palisir de Provence, under marine influence.
A fresh and light White Plaisir de Provence, marked by its maritime terroir.
A seaside red with finesse and elegance.